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Knet Infocom offers a variety of inexpensive email solutions to suit a wide variety of individual and organizational needs. We boast a very fast turnaround time on your email solution requests, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive and seamless email service available.

 Allows you and an unlimited number of members of your organization to send and receive email from your own personalized Internet address, or "domain" (in the form of www.yourdomain.com). Email sent to these domain-related addresses (e.g. xyz@yourdomain.com) can then be accessed via the associated Knet Infocom email account. Immediate setup of additional addresses with no waiting. Excellent solution for organizations with a domain name and several employees who want domain-related email addresses.
Access your email from any Internet account that supports POP email access .Excellent for frequent travelers and people who have Internet access at work and want to check their personal email account there
Excellent solution for organizations with employees around the globe or who already have email acceIf some members of your organization want a domain-related email address (jim@yourdomain.com) but have their email account elsewhere, we can forward their domain-related email to their email account automatically ss .

Forward your mail to any valid email address for any period of time.


 Allows your organization to enjoy the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a single dialup account while having the flexibility of as many private email accounts as you need.  POP accounts can be added and deleted as needed.

Create a custom auto-responder to notify senders of incoming email that you are away and currently not checking your email. Your outgoing message can contain emergency contact information, your dates of absence, or any other information you want to include.


Firewall and Security

Redundant firewalls screen all network traffic. We employ regular monitoring of network ports and firewalls, system access restriction, 24x7 surveillance, and security best practices.

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